KiteBoarding / KiteSurfing

a.k.a. KITE

The easiest extreme sport ever...

Have you ever wanted to fly? Sail free in the endless sea? Have fun like a 3 year old? All the above don't even come close to the feeling we are talking about. Combining the best of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding a new madness emerged.
Say hello to your new extreme watersport.
Suitable for both gender and all ages since no extra muscle strength required. Safer than it looks and easier than you could imagine. All you need to know is swimming. Our certified IKO instructors will enlighten you with their experience and will transform the teaching of kiteboarding in a piece of cake.

First things first

and safety comes first. Fully equipped with a rescue boat and lifeguard-instructors we provide up to scratch safety measurements so you don't need to worry about a thing. Our kite spot is situated in the windiest beach of Heraklion, called Amoudara, in an area specifically dedicated for kitesurfers. During the summer period thermal winds (in greek called 'meltemi') blow almost daily from 10 to 17 knots that could easily reach up to 25. Shining hot weather, clear blue water and the meltemi working for your favour... What more should you ask for?

Last but not least

iKite is the only kite club in Crete approved by the Hellenic Coast Guard and in full accordance with the Greek legislation. Additionally we provide storage facilities, fresh water for shower and rinsing your equipment plus repair service. Whether it's your kite or your board, and we mean all types of boards, you don't need to worry about a thing. We will take care of it as long as it can be fixed. So what do you think? Come and give it a try. Take our word for granted, after kiting life will never be the same... For Real ~ .

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Kite PriceList

Teaching Hours Private Lesson Group Lesson
Introduction 45' 50 € 30 €
1 hr 90 € 50 €
2 hrs 170 € 90 €
4 hrs 330 € 170 €
8 hrs 650 € 330 €
12 hrs 970 € 490 €

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